So then faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Phil Glisson, Evangelist
"A pastor 's son, a pastor 's friend."

10 Reasons Why A Church
Should Have Revival Meetings
And Use Evangelists

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Phil Glisson started preaching during his college days as a youth evangelist.  This period of time was at the beginning of what came to be known in America as the "Jesus Movement."  Churches were wanting to have revivals and Phil volunteered to go.  The doors continued to open and these many years later he is still going to churches to preach as the invitations continue to come. He has preached in hundreds of churches, most on more than one occasion. He is available for revivals, Bible seminars and conferences, special Sundays, and other church events.

Phil Glisson desires that the ministry God has entrusted to him be used to win people to Christ, edify churches and encourage pastors.  He truly believes a revival meeting should be a time of refreshing as people gather in the presence of the Lord.