So then faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Phil Glisson, Evangelist
"A pastor 's son, a pastor 's friend."

10 Reasons Why A Church
Should Have Revival Meetings
And Use Evangelists

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Married to Teresa Baker Glisson; they have a daughter, Linda Wingo, and two sons, Andrew and Jonathan.

Has preached in hundreds of churches all over the United States, most on more than one occasion.

Home church is Leawood Baptist Church, Memphis, TN; Marc Byrd is the pastor. Phil's father, Jerry Glisson, pastored this church from 1956 1991.

Has earned B.A., M.Div. and D.Min, degrees from Southern Baptist sponsored and affiliated schools. (Union University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Luther Rice Seminary)

Served from 1991 to 2000 in a volunteer position as a trustee for Lifeway Christian Resources, Nashville, TN.

A member of and has also served as an officer of the Fellowship of Tennessee Baptist Evangelists and the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.

Has an enthusiastic, expository Biblical preaching style.

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