So then faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Phil Glisson, Evangelist
"A pastor 's son, a pastor 's friend."

10 Reasons Why A Church
Should Have Revival Meetings
And Use Evangelists

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I am a pastorís son so I know the hearts of pastors. I love you pastors and do all I can when I am with you to uplift your ministry. I seek to be a complement to your ministry and work with you to make the revival or other event a success. I desire to be a blessing to you and your people.

I do seek to act like a Christian should both in and out of the pulpit. I will do nothing that will harm your church or ministry in any way. When I leave, I do not want your church saying they want no more evangelists. Being the son of a pastor has really given me an insight into what I can do to help a pastor and his church.

I come making no financial demands. Whatever the church does for me I appreciate and receive with gratitude. I do not promote the offering, but leave that up to the pastor and church. I want to act with the highest integrity when it comes to money matters.

I give a clear invitation at the conclusion of the message, but avoid high pressure manipulation. I trust the Lord to bring conviction and have seen the wonderful things He can do in the hearts of people. I know that the victories won at the invitation time are the result of a lot of hard word and caring by pastors and their members.

I attempt to share Biblical messages that honor the Lord, win the lost and edify the saved. I believe in the local church and want your church to be stronger when the revival meeting or other event ends. I seek to live and practice what I preach; I pray that you and your people will sense that the time we are together. I come to serve you and your church and am available for whatever you need me to do.

These guidelines have allowed me to stay in this work for many years and to build goodwill among pastors. I truly mean my motto, "A pastor's son, a pastor's friend."

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