So then faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17

Phil Glisson, Evangelist
"A pastor 's son, a pastor 's friend."

10 Reasons Why A Church
Should Have Revival Meetings
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The following testimonies are from pastors in whose churches Phil Glisson has preached.

"Thank you for blessing us during our week of revival, and that was just what it was - Revival!! God truly blessed during the week. We had a special visitation by the Holy Spirit as was evidenced by the many decisions that were made. Every message was full of His power and His presence. We had more decisions on Sunday I believe as a result of people being renewed and refreshed in the Spirit. I also have had inquiries about salvation from several, so God is still at work. There have been so many great comments about your messages and how people were blessed! All here at FBC continue to pray for you and your ministry."

— Fred Ward, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Huntingdon, TN

"Connie said that yesterday the ladies in her Sunday School class were happily discussing the revival, and were so excited about all that God did and is doing in Oak Grove church. A few days after the revival Connie and I went out to eat with a rather large group of Oak Grove folks, and all of them were so happy and grateful as they spoke of the wonderful revival we had."

— Paul Brown, former interim pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church, Hernando, MS, and former president of Hannibal-LaGrange University
     Hannibal, Missouri

"Dear Pastor Friend,

It is my extreme pleasure to commend to you the ministry of Phil Glisson. Brother Phil has definitely been an asset to our dear church. We have invited him to be with us for revivals on different occasions, and each time he has faithfully served the Lord and served our church very well. His messages are relevant and interesting, and he has a heart for God, for the church, and for the lost. I would encourage you to prayerfully consider using Phil in your church. He is pleasant to work with, and very easy to accommodate. You will be blessed!"

In Christ,
J.D. Traylor

— J.D. Traylor, Pastor, Hanover Baptist Church
     Hanover, Indiana

"I am able to recommend Phil Glisson as an evangelist without reservation. He has preached revivals and special days of emphasis in every church I have served as pastor over the last twenty years. I have suggested his name to friends who have used him, and they have had their churches blessed by Phil’s preaching. He effectively preaches the Word of God. He is completely committed to the Lord’s church. He is always supportive of the pastor."

— Ray Stonecypher, Pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church
     Ardmore, Alabama

"Phil Glisson is a pastor’s evangelist who compliments the pastor privately and publicly. He understands the nature of the church as well as barriers in the church that prevent revival. He is a God-called, gifted evangelist who preaches powerful messages that are designed to reach the lost as well as edify the church. His heart beats for revival and he lives what he preaches. I’ve had Phil preach revivals for me for nine years. He is exceedingly well received whether he is preaching to several thousand people or less than one hundred. You and your church will be richly blessed when he preaches your next revival."

— Kenny Bruce, Leawood East Baptist Church,
     Cordova, TN

"It has been my privilege to have Phil as our evangelist in several churches where I have served.  Although we have had great meetings with other preachers, none has been more effective than Phil.  He preaches the Word boldly and plainly.  Because he has grown up in a pastor's home, he knows the pastor's heart.   He knows what the church needs.  Do yourself a favor by inviting him to preach in your church."

— Dave Cavanaugh, Missionary to Thailand
     and Former Pastor of Logan Elm Baptist Church, Circleville, OH

"We had a great week together and experienced one of the most productive revival meetings in many years.  In addition to the folks saved and additions by letter, we saw life changing decisions made in the homes of Christians.  The very next Sunday following our meeting, we had the largest number of prospects we have had in the last couple of years.  The revival made this possible.  Our church has experienced a breath of fresh air."

— Don Moseley, 29 year pastor (now retired) of First Baptist Church,
     Sylvan Hills, North Little Rock, AR

"Phil Glisson is always a blessing to our church, and we experience a harvest.  The Lord’s hand is upon his preaching and ministry.  Phil knows first hand the needs of a local church.  He is a gifted evangelist and Bible preacher."

— Roger Freeman (now retired), First Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN
     (Former president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention)

"People love you and your ministry.  I am going to recommend you to every pastor I know."

— Steve Gaines, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN
     (Former president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference)

"I would like to recommend Phil Glisson for any revival meeting or special evangelistic service that God may lay on your heart.  Phil is a dynamic expositional preacher who loves souls.  Phil is one of the best revivalists that I have used in my ministry.   He will bless you and your people.  I heartily commend him to you."

— Wayne Dickard, Siloam Baptist Church, Easley, SC
     (Former president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention)

"Thank you for the tremendous work you did during the revival meeting.  This past Sunday, people were still telling me decisions they had made during the week that will have a strong impact on our church for years to come."

— Walter Blackman, East Highland Baptist Church, Hartselle, AL

"Thank you for the great week of revival we enjoyed together.  We praise the Lord for all the decisions and trust that there will be more in the days to come.  Your messages were right on target and well received by the folks at Hillcrest."

— Gene Richards (now retired), Hillcrest Baptist Church, Franklinton, LA

"We feasted on God's Word. Phil Glisson expounded that Word and delighted our lives with his delivery and knowledge of the Bible. The presence and power of God was evident each night!"

— Jerry Paul, Richland Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

"It has been a pleasure to work with you. In addition to the gift of preaching, you have brought a contagious optimism."

— Dennis Davis, First Baptist Church, Bells, TN

"Bro. Phil did very well in fitting his messages with our desire for brokenness, repentance, confession and awakening for God's people. His preaching was strong, clear and insightful in applying eternal truths to today. We had a number of salvation decisions and others joined the church. People were at the altar every night under the conviction of the Holy Spirit."

— Lon Chenowith, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Oneida, TN

"I thank God for you and your ministry. We had a wonderful time with you this week. Praise God for all that He was able to accomplish through you."

— Rick Panis, Trafalgar Village Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

"Phil Glisson led revival services for us at FBC LaFollette and the Lord truly blessed. Phil takes seriously his calling from God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been most impressed with Phil's integrity. He practices what he preaches and proves to be an encouragement and support the host pastor. I recommend him without reservation."

— Bill Horner, DOM of Campbell County Baptist Association and former Pastor of First Baptist Church, LaFollette, TN

"What a great joy it was to have you conduct our revival services. I was very pleased with the overall outcome. Your messages were godly, biblical, practical and encouraging - just what our people needed! We rejoice with the decisions which were made! We look forward to future opportunities and engagements."

— Kevin Ferrell, Egypt Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

"We had a very good revival. It was one of the better meetings that we have had in the last 30 years. The attendance was superb."

— Jack Bailey, Danville Baptist Church, Danville, AL

"What a blessing it was having you here for revival. God used you and visited our church in a very special way - to Him be the glory. Thank you so much for all you have done."

— Al Pihringer, Boulevard Baptist Church, Southaven, MS

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